Non-profit organizations & commercial businesses only

This type of membership would be restricted to non-profit organizations and commercial businesses. Data shall be accessed through a custom mapping interface through the Internet only.

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Townships, Public School Districts, Fire Districts

This tier was created to allow townships, public school districts and fire districts the opportunity to join at an affordable rate. This structure is similar to the Supporting Membership type, except for the following: this is a non-voting membership; therefore, members cannot serve on any committees and the yearly percentage allocation is set at 1%, rather than a minimum of 1%.

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Municipalities, Sanitary Districts, Water Districts, Park Districts

The following types of organizations can join under the Supporting Membership Tier – Municipalities, Sanitary Districts, Water Districts and Park Districts. When figured into the allocation formula, their contribution rate cannot fall below 1%. If an agency joins under this membership type, a network connection option must be selected. Supporting Members may serve on the Technical Committee only, with no representation on the Policy Committee.

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Current eight agencies and agencies willing to pay recoup costs

An organization can join under the Founding Membership Tier if they pay past recoup costs in addition to current year fees determined by the allocation formula.