Data & Pricing

WinGIS offers the sale of digital data at both standard and discount pricing.

Please note the prices listed below are subject to change at any time.

A variety of digital data is available for purchase through the WinGIS office. To purchase digital data you must first submit a Data Request. Once a request has been submitted, a quote will be sent within 24 hours. You must sign and fax quote to 815-987-1854 in order for WinGIS to proceed with fulfilling your request.

Each agency or organization purchasing data must also have a signed Data License Agreement on file. If one is not on file the form will be faxed to you during the quoting process.

*Subscription Members receive free data per project area.

WinGIS provides select datasets for free to the public

These datasets have been made available as a public service.
This compressed file contains an application that can be loaded into AutoCAD and used to georeference imagery based on a world file.
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