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Data Recency

The Sales data displayed using the Sale Locator tool is periodically updated.

Our oldest record is from: 1/2/2020

Our most current record is from: 6/28/2023


The Sale Locator Tool was developed to provide interested parties the ability to easily check on sales activity of single family properties in Winnebago County. The search tool displays data for single family, including condominium sales in Winnebago County. Sale details are based on information recorded on Real Estate Transfer Declarations. Sale prices reflect the recorded net consideration for real estate after personal property has been deducted.

The Sale Locator Tool does not measure comparability of the sales to other sales or to any other property. Any determination of comparability would need to be made by other means. The tool only locates sales and displays sale information and some quick facts about the property that sold.

Various types of sale transactions are grouped and shaded according to their assigned group as determined by the Winnebago County Board of Review. The group names, descriptions, and color codings are described in the sidebar to the right.

Transaction Code Transaction Description Ok to use as a Board of Review sale, if there is no other reason to disqualify?
"Typical" Sales
CONT CURR Contract Originated in the Current Year Yes
RELOCATION Relocation Company (To or From) Yes
TRD Trustees Deed Yes
WD Warranty Deed Yes
MULTI Multiple Parcels on one deed Yes
DINT Deed in Trust Yes
IMPRV Improvements Added or Removed after 1-1 of prior year but before date of sale Yes
NCIA New Construction, Improvements Added Yes
PASMT Partial Assessment (in prior year) Yes
PT Preferential Assessment (in prior year) Yes
YR Sale in one year, recorded in another year Yes
SWD Special Warranty Deed Yes
"Compulsory" Sales
SS Short Sale Yes
"Non Typical" Sales
20e Farm Property assessed under Section 20e No
AUCTION Auction No
ADM Administrators Deed No
ABI Assignment of Beneficial Interest of a Trust No
CHAR Charitable (To or From) No
COMPULSORY Not used unless Bank REO or Short Sale No
CONTRACT Contract Originated in a Prior Year No
VETDEED Department of Veterans Affairs Deed No
EX Executors Deed No
EXEMPT Exempt (To or From) No
FAMILY Sale between family members No
FIN Financial (To or From) No
FOR Foreclosure (In Lieu of) No
GOVT Government (To or From) No
MISC Explained in Sale Notes No
NOTAD Not Advertised No
OPTION Option to Purchase No
PART Partial Interest No
PRIOR Prior of Duplicate Sales No
QCD Quit Claim Deed No
RELATED Related Parties No
SALE LEASE Sale Leaseback No
SHERIFF Sheriffs Sale No
SC Split or Combination No
SPLIT COMB Split or Combination No
TRADE Trade or Exchange No
MORE Two Sales with greater than 25% Difference in Price No

To begin the search, enter a Parcel Number (PIN) or Address into the Property Search box provided on the left side of the screen and click on the Search button. If the search is successful, one or more street addresses and PINs will be displayed. Click on the Zoom button below the parcel you want to select as the focus of the search. The property selected will be outlined in blue. A tab in the upper left portion of the display allows an aerial photo to be included in the display. There are also arrows which allow you to zoom in or out on the display.

Click on the Sales box and all the parcels on your map with recent sales will be shaded as previously explained. A parcel with one or more "Typical" sales will be shaded green even if there are also "Compulsory" or "Non Typical" sales on the property. If there are not any "Typical" sales but there are "Compulsory" sales, the parcel will be shaded yellow. If there are not any "Typical sales or "Compulsory sales but there are "Non Typical sales, the parcel will be shaded red.

By clicking on any of the colored parcels, a “pop-up” window will be displayed with a street address and parcel number (PIN). If the parcel you clicked on is a condominium and more than one unit in the condo plat sold, there will be a slide bar on the right side of the “pop-up” window that can be used to access details on all the units that sold. If the "pop-up" window is displayed without a street address or PIN, that means you clicked on a parcel that does not have a sale .

By clicking on Details in the "pop-up" window, additional information will be displayed on the left side of the screen. The display provides some quick facts about the parcel, information on how to find more specific details, and all the recorded sales of the parcel during the covered time period. In order to view another parcel from this view, click on another parcel and follow the same steps.